• Floyd Rose Artists Pay Tribute for 40th Anniversary (Video)

    Countless artists have used the Floyd Rose tremolo system over the last 40 years, changing the face of music forever. For our ruby anniversary at the 2020 NAMM Show, we received dozens of videos from guitarists and figures thanking Floyd and co. for continuing to make the best double-locking tremolo on the market. Here's what they had to say!

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  • See The New Floyd Rose Speed Guide Guitars in Action!

    Are you quarantined and curious?  In the meantime, check out some of the demo videos below for a sneak peak of the new USA-made Floyd Rose Guitars.  Stay tuned for more info and don't forget to subscribe to these guys' YouTube channels!


    Tim Pierce - Session Guitarist (Michael Jackson, Roger Waters, Phil Collins)
    Ben Higgins - Online guitar teacher, Guitar World Contributor
    Steve Stine - Master instructor


    Troy Grady & Teemu Mäntysaari

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  • Floyd Rose Marketing COVID-19 Message

    To our dear customers, suppliers, and friends,

    We are all together amidst the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.  As we navigate the daily situation, we at AP International are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that we are continuing to operate and service our customers as best we can while keeping our staff and community safe.

    Shipments have been slowly resuming from our partners in Asia, but our suppliers in Europe remain uncertain at this time as the outbreak continues to spread.  We will be working from our office as long as we can and continue to monitor the situation.  If there are any changes to our status, we will notify you.

    In the meantime, we wish everyone the absolute best in navigating the perils of this unprecedented challenge.  We are all fighting the same battle together.  Our thoughts are with those who are on the front lines of this fight: our doctors, nurses, hospital staff, experts, government officials, and the victims.  Although there is no timeline to adhere to, there WILL be a time when this is all behind us.  Until then, please keep informed and stay healthy.

    All the best,
    Andrew Papiccio
    AP International/Floyd Rose Marketing

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  • Celebrating 40 Years! Floyd Rose at NAMM 2020



    We're celebrating 40 years of bending the rules!  Come pay us a visit in booth #5629 in Hall D at the Winter 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim and join us in reminiscing about the past and talking about the future.  Floyd D. Rose himself will be on hand for signings, and we'll be showing off some new guitars, bridges, and parts.

    With our distributor, AP International, we will also be displaying Floyd Rose & Floyd Rose Audio, Stone Tone ProductsKTS Titanium bridges & parts, the new Ray Ross Bass BridgePure Tone Technologies' new output jacks, and Fret Butter Fretboard Cleaner.

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  • Dario Lorina Q&A

    Most hard rock or metal guitarist’s would say that playing alongside Ozzy Osbourne night after night on-stage would be their #1 dream gig if they had a choice. Well how about playing alongside Zack Wylde night after night?? Not a bad alternative right??  Either in a recording studio or performing live around the world in Black Label Society, guitarist and Floyd Rose devotee Dario Lorina is indeed living that dream.  
    The Floyd Rose artist relations team had a chance to speak with Dario Lorina following the 2018 Black Label Society world tour:

    FR: How did you get started playing with the Black Label Society?
    Dario: A while back I was playing in the band Lizzie Borden, during a hiatus, we had some mutual friends and management in common and I’d send them (Zakk) some tapes and some videos of my playing; Zakk heard the stuff that I had sent him and he invited me up to California-I went up there and that was pretty much it!
    FR: What is the most satisfying aspect about playing with Black Label Society?
    Dario: well I enjoy it all; I love being ‘up’ there.  Everybody is so cool, strong in what they do...I'm constantly learning something new.  We’re like family - I love all of it!
    FR: Do you prefer playing onstage or in the studio?
    Dario: Nothing compares to the energy of when you’re playing a rock show -definitely the stage. That can’t be topped.
    FR: In what would you attribute to your success in your career?
    Dario: A mix together of skills, drive, and motivation-with a splash of luck in there.  When I was in school as a kid, I always thought, "I'm gonna be a guitar player"; like how some kids say "I'm gonna be a Doctor...or a football player".  Being a guitar player was all I thought about.  That was the path that led me here.  From giving lessons early on to putting a band together - just laying the road to get here brick by brick...
    FR: What songs represent the best “Dario” sound or writing statement?
    Dario:  I have two instrumental albums on Shrapnel records.  Both of those express myself as a guitar player.  Probably though “ Echoes of a Stone heart“ & “Demon Rum”
    FR: How did you get started using Stone Tone products? 
    Dario: Some years back while I was playing with Janni Layne, I was out at the NAMM trade show where I met Rob DiSanto.  I played a granite covered EVH Wolfgang model guitar and that guitar had such a bite - like nothing else! I played that guitar for a long time and it was such fun to play; so that’s how I met Rob…
    FR: What is you favorite guitar to play these days? 
    Dario: The guitar that is most meaningful to me are my Gibson Les Paul and Les Paul Junior.  Both of those guitars came from family members.  I had that Junior refinished into a killer lime sparkle green.  A friend of mine who paints hot rods hung it up in his garage and detailed the back of the neck as well, and I played that guitars on this past tour with BLS... 
    FR: Tell us about your Floyds...
    Dario: I’ve always had a Floyd somewhere from the beginning with my guitars -always live and always in the studio.  When I do my lead work, “it” always has a Floyd on them. When you need that extra flavor "it" always gives it to you.  A Floyd Rose Trem has always been in my arsenal!!
    FR: Is there one piece of go-to electronic piece of gear in your rig that you feel is a “must have”?
    Dario:  Yeah - an overdrive pedal!!  Not a distortion pedal but an overdrive ... I’ve been using the Seymour Duncan 805 for a long time…since it came out.  With Zakk I've always used his signature overdrive pedal.  They’re in the same park.  The key is having an overdrive in front of my amp pushing the signal into the head.  I feel like that is a pretty vital part for me.
    FR: What’s coming up for you as a solo artist or for Black Label Society?
    Dario:  Well we just finished up a long tour for this year. The rest of this year Zakk is doing a bunch of Ozzy stuff, and I’ll be doing a couple different things: I’m working on a new solo album which I’ll be singing on.  It will be more than just an instrumental release.  BLS will be coming out on tour at the beginning of next year...lots of great stuff comin' up!

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  • Floyd Rose “3D” Wired Headphones/Earbud Collection

    Floyd Rose Marketing and Seca Group LLC are pleased to announce the introduction of our latest collection of our patented Wired 3-D Crystal Stereo Sound with Dual Speaker Drivers/ Dual Sound Coil Technology and frequency divider boards to produce the ultimate ultra luxury 3-D sound experience through over-ear headphones and earbuds. Designed and engineered in Europe and the USA, our teams worked with Floyd Rose himself, to produce the ultimate listening pleasure to the human ear. 

    Our innovative earcups each boast a powerful driver for superior bass and midrange, and small high-efficiency driver for high sound frequency which creates a dynamic balance between bass/mid/treble. This technology creates a 3-dimensional stereo sound that has a broader range with perfect highs and lows! The speakers adapt to the music played to offer superior sound never heard before in the music industry.

    Features include: Durable Headphone cable, Lightweight Design, Metal Construction, Colorful and Stylish Fabric Finish, Soft Forming Earpads, Fabric Carrying Bag for FR-52.  Available: August 2018


    To see more, follow these links:  FR52 Wired 3D Headphones | FR520 Bluetooh 3D Headphones

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  • Limited Burnt Chrome 1K Series Pro Released!

    The luminous burnt chrome finish is now available in our wide-spaced 1000 Series Pro tremolos, giving you the option of adding a special flavor to your rig.  Each finish is uniquely torched so that no two bridges are exactly alike.  We have added the burnt chrome option to both the 6 and 7-string versions, so you 7-string slingers can also join the party and look as flashy as you sound. 

    Give your divebombs the color they deserve!  But act quick - each model is limited to only a handful of pieces.  Check out our new burnt chrome Pro bridges here: 1000 Pro 6-string | 1000 Pro 7-string

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  • Swag Time!

    New shirts and, finally, a classic baseball cap to show your love for the world's favorite tremolo system!  See it here!

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  • FR-360 Wireless Sport Earbuds

    Floyd Rose FR-360 Pro Series Wireless Sport Earbuds with In-Line Microphone are hand crafted and deliver world-class sound combined with state-of-the-art high fidelity technology. We married unparalleled sound quality with luxury design.

    Delivering true balanced highs and lows for superior audiophile sound, the combination delivers flawless sound clarity and comfort for an amazing sound experience in personal audio. 

    A superior driver offers a full 20-20K Hz frequency range, gives a beautifully warm and articulate recreation of sound. An anti-tangle cable with built-in microphone and volume control. Cushioned earbuds offer superior comfort by contouring a comfortable in-ear experience, delivering isolation from outside noise without adding bulk. 

    A fine pair of audiophile headphones deserves an unparalleled presentation.  Each pair of Floyd Rose FR-360 Bluetooth earbuds includes an 1800 mAh power bank charger with micro USB charging cable and S, M, L eartips.

    Put them on, sit back and enjoy true concert like sound!   Available in black or white!


    • Bluetooth Version:  CSR 4.0
    • Sweatproof and Water Resistant
    • Plastic and Leather Cabine
    • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
    • Impedance: 16 ohms
    • Charging Time: 1.5 hours
    • Playback Time: 4-6 hours
    • Working Distance: +/- 33 feet
    • Anti-Tangle Cable with volume control and built in microphone

    Package Includes: Earbuds, USB charging cable, Power bank charger, Extra S, M, L ear tips

    See them here!

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  • Summer NAMM 2017

    A few of us here at Floyd Rose & AP International took a trip down to hot, sweaty Nashville to show off our latest shiny things. Thanks to Guitar World for documenting it for old-times sake!

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  • Burnt Chrome Special Trems Now Available

    Do you feel the need for speed?  The limited-edition burnt chrome Special Tremolo System is the ultimate finish to quench that insatiable thirst, and it's now available right here on FloydRose.com!  

    Rad, right?  Check it out HERE.

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  • 4th of July 2017 Sale

    Get 15% off the new limited-edition Rose Gold Special Tremolo, Floyd Rose swag, and select upgrades & parts from Friday 6/30 to Tuesday 7/4!  Click to the image above to check out everything on sale!

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  • The DeadArm Kill Switch Tremolo Arm

    WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ -  Floyd Rose is excited to announce the new “Dead Arm”, a built-in kill switch on a retrofitting FR tremolo arm.  The kill switch has cemented itself as a beloved effect for decades, made popular by guitarists such as Tom Morello, Buckethead, Johnny Greenwood, Jack White, and Eddie Van Halen.  This usually requires a separate switch to be installed on the instrument’s body to allow for the signal to be momentarily cut by depressing it.  For the first time, this beloved device will be integrated into the tremolo arm so that the user can keep their picking hand in one location to both perform tremolo dives and cut the signal.  Like the arm of the Original Floyd Rose and its derivatives, the Dead Arm will be made of stainless steel but will feature a push-in arm housing.

    Preorder the new arm HERE!

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  • Welcome to the new FloydRose.com!


    Testing, testing.  Here we are, live from the new home of Floyd Rose on the web!  We decided it was time to update to the modern era with a fully responsive, easy-to-use, e-commerce site.  Sign up for our newsletter in the footer and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on new products, sales, and all things Floyd Rose!

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