Posted by Floyd Rose

WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ -  Floyd Rose is excited to announce the new “Dead Arm”, a built-in kill switch on a retrofitting FR tremolo arm.  The kill switch has cemented itself as a beloved effect for decades, made popular by guitarists such as Tom Morello, Buckethead, Johnny Greenwood, Jack White, and Eddie Van Halen.  This usually requires a separate switch to be installed on the instrument’s body to allow for the signal to be momentarily cut by depressing it.  For the first time, this beloved device will be integrated into the tremolo arm so that the user can keep their picking hand in one location to both perform tremolo dives and cut the signal.  Like the arm of the Original Floyd Rose and its derivatives, the Dead Arm will be made of stainless steel but will feature a push-in arm housing.

Preorder the new arm HERE!