Sergio Michel

Floyd Rose SpeedLoader and Original

Quote: "From the Original Floyd Rose to the Speedloader, Floyd Rose locking bridges have been a part of my arsenal since my earliest days as a musician."

 Sergio Michel is the kind of guitarist that can wear his influences on his sleeve, but has his own quickly recognizable signature tone and phrasing. Mixing Metal, Hard Rock, Punk, New Wave, Folk and other influences in a Shred/Thrash base, he has created a sound all his own, that runs the gamut from brutal and complex to soft and simple and all points in between. He favors a standard tuning with a high string gauge at either .011 or .013 and is an avid advocate for Floyd Rose's Speedloader bridges. Sergio has used Floyd Rose products since his earliest days, and has been an official Floyd Rose artist since 2005.

Sergio's latest release 'Marry Me, Cindy', is a satirical concept album powered by classic shredding at it's finest; with it's title track available in three different languages. The album's first single, 'I Close My Eyes' has gone viral and garnered hundreds of thousands of plays shortly after it's official release.

Sergio Michel has had a long relationship with Floyd Rose and looks forward to being a part of the Floyd Rose family of artists for years to come.